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GDR delivers the benefits of geospatial technologies to your critical business systems. GDR’s geospatial technologies help to improve decision making, streamline productivity, improve communications, and identify new business opportunities. Our clients include public and private organizations such as Law, Fire / Rescue, and EMS departments; telecommunications, real estate, insurance, utility companies; elections groups; and others looking for the highest quality location data, analytics, and technology tools available.

Data Products

GDR's proprietary VERAS (Validation, Enhancement, Reporting & Assurance System) technology, a large data warehouse and content partnerships for U.S. parcels, satellite, aerial, and street-level imagery, property characteristics and ownership data, and specialty data enable GDR to provide multi-sourced, quality controlled, and industry-specific data on national, regional, local footprints.

Cleansing and Enhancement Services

GDR's data validation and enhancement process incorporates several different views and sources of information, analyzes each using a unique geographical and database analytics methodology, and identifies commonalities and resolves discrepancies across each dataset to develop a complete, clear, and customized view of locations and their characteristics - as demonstrated in our flagship Addresspoints product.

Maintenance and Integration Solutions

GDR's maintenance services ensure your critical information assets remain current with quarterly, monthly, or weekly refresh cycles. GDR’s content integrates effectively into your software and database platforms of choice, with your data format of choice (including esri, Intergraph Geomedia, SQL Server 2008, Oracle, and many others) – to deliver our value and leverage it across your entire organization.

Developer Tools and Business Workflows

In addition to data deliverables and integration services, we deliver intuitive cloud-based (SaaS) tools and highly effective business processes with a platform known as Britedata - enabling your organization to focus on, and quickly achieve, measurable results.

Commmitment on Service

As a services-minded company, we pride ourselves in ensuring that our product and project management teams will carefully assess and understand your needs, develop an approach to address them in a cost and time efficient manner, and keep you informed and engaged throughout the entire process. We view each customer as an opportunity to learn more about the market, solve the problems that challenge your organization, and further improve our processes and communication to better serve YOU, the customer. We invite you to contact our team to discover our unyielding commitments to delivering outstanding results that solve difficult problems - on time and within budget!

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